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Signs that a Senior Requires Assisted Living


We need to be observant as aging from home may become harder for our older adults to keep up. They may require certain assistance, such as elderly care. It has never been easy how to tell if our parents or other loved ones require more assistance. What follows are some of the signs that suggest that it may be the right time to have a talk on assisted living.

  • The fridge is empty or filled with spoiled food.
    We may notice that our loved one has decreased weight. This can be the result of not eating well because meal preparation has become more challenging for them as they are increasingly having a hard time shopping for groceries and cooking has become difficult. In this situation, it will be better if they stay in residential care facilities.
  • They have frequent bruises.
    When we observe that our loved one has bruises more frequently even though they try to conceal them, this may be caused by mobility and balance issues and falling. This is a strong indication that they may need the services of an assisted living facility.
  • Our loved one shows strange or inappropriate behavior.
    We may be surprised when our loved one displays weird or inappropriate behavior, such as wearing the wrong type of clothes for the weather. This may be a sign that they are confused with the things happening around them. Healthcare professionals at assisted living facilities, such as those providing memory care in Modesto can help our loved ones.

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