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Is Assisted Living the Right Option for Us?


Reaching senior years is great and is considered one form of achievement, but along with it are some challenges that have to be overcome or managed. We require certain types of assistance, such as those rendered by healthcare professionals providing elderly care.

Residential living is among the residential options for seniors who require assistance. Read on to know some of the questions we need to ask in order to determine whether an assisted living facility is appropriate for us.

  • Do we require more assistance than what our family and friends can give?
    If the activities of daily living become more challenging, then assisted living is a good option. Aside from the assistance with our ADLs, other services are also provided by assisted living healthcare professionals, such as those providing memory care in Modesto.
  • Do we feel lonely or isolated at home?
    Maintaining an active social life is essential to our overall health and happiness. Good facilities provide different social and recreational activities, and the setting of the elderly communities provides a good chance to meet new friends as well.
  • Are we worried about our safety?
    If we are experiencing mobility issues, it will be a good idea to avail of the services of an assisted living facility.

At Hospitality House Assisted Living & Memory Care, you can live comfortably and safely in our excellent facilities and with our highly qualified staff. Feel free to contact our assisted living in Modesto, California.

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