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Contrasting Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home


In the United States, a large number of elderly experience poor physical and mental health. They grow reliant on others for their daily needs. Some seniors are immobile and need help performing even the most fundamental tasks. In such cases, many of them consider moving to an Assisted Living Facility or nursing home.

While they appear similar on the outside, they differ in various ways. Let us compare these two senior care facilities:

  • Senior Care
    Nursing homes are for seniors who require more Healthcare Support. Due to the increased level of medical complexity of their residents (such as those with Alzheimer’s), they provide round-the-clock care. On the other hand, assisted living is for those who can still live independently but require help with everyday duties. That includes cooking, cleaning, and managing their medications.
  • Environment
    Elderly Care from nursing homes is more likely to be utilized for medical treatment, while assisted living facilities have a more social ambiance.
  • Living Area
    Nursing homes are often larger than assisted living facilities. They are frequently part of a more spacious campus, which might make patients feel more like they are in a hospital.
  • Cost
    According to the American Health Care Association, the cost of a nursing home is twice that of an assisted living facility.
    A semi-private room in a nursing home costs about $89,000 per year, whereas an assisted living facility only costs about $48,000.

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