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Does My Parent Require Assisted Living?


It’s natural for adult children of seniors to wonder, “Does my parent need assisted living in Modesto, California?” However, the fact that this is a natural thought does not make it easy. The truth is that the move to assisted living services is significant. However, it also removes a great lot of stress on both you and your parent or parents. Fortunately, communities such as Hospitality House Assisted Living & Memory Care, FL exist not only to give seniors the services they require to remain cognitively and physically active but also to assist them when needed.

As we get older, some memory lapses and loss of balance are to be expected. If you are concerned that your parent may require elderly care, the following signs may indicate that it is time to seek assistance:

  • Do they require prompts to take their prescription at the appropriate time and dosage?
  • Have they recently gained or lost weight?
  • Is it possible that they have lost some mobility?
  • Have they neglected basic household maintenance?
  • Are you concerned that they will become more isolated?

If any of these describe your parent, it is worthwhile to contact an assisted living facility like us. Once you’ve concluded that your parent is a good fit for an assisted living facility, you should be aware of the advantages.

Additionally, we provide programs such as medication management to assist your loved one in receiving the medication they require. We make it a point to tailor our services to each resident’s specific needs.

Our goal is to give your parents the same level of memory care in Modesto that we would want for our parents.

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