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Basic Protocols to Observe in Dementia Care


Patients going through different challenges because of their medical conditions experience physical, mental, and emotional struggles. Unfortunately, this could compromise their quality of life. The struggle is even greater for senior patients. Old age and frail conditions could take a toll on a person’s health. This is the reality when it comes to elderly care. Older adults require well-rounded support as much as possible.

A common health issue in the senior population is dementia. It is an umbrella term for a range of conditions that impair memory, thinking, reasoning, and decision-making. Although proper memory care in Modesto and other parts of the world helps prevent this, it doesn’t fully guarantee a person’s immunity to dementia. Sadly, dementia affects both cognitive and physical functions. As a result, dementia patients require assistance in doing daily activities.

Dementia patients may still be able to do things on their own, but this isn’t ideal for their health and safety. Letting them do things on their own is a little too risky. Therefore, they should get support and assistance from others.

Ensure the patient’s comfort and peace of mind by following these tips!

  • Get a better understanding of dementia.
  • Earn the patient’s trust.
  • Be concise in communicating with the patient.
  • Match the patient’s pace.
  • Manage your time wisely.

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